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Several bugs I have been running into

gaalomgaalom Member Posts: 485 Arc User
One odd one, that could be just me, is the inability to suddenly not be able to fire energy weapons of any kind, however I can still fire projectiles. This happened multiple times on both my Romulan and content run through discovery character. No I do not use auto fire ever, watching your power levels is key. No it was not because of low firepower power levels.

Second bug I have lost count on how many times I had reported this many months ago, and recently reported it again. The faction specific EVA suits are sometimes are missing parts on the legs appearance wise when you used. No I did not disable the visuals. I use these every time I need to breath or I need light. This way I dont have to lose a spot for hypos, shields, and energy power cells.

Third bug ground combat, two specific problems, that continue to occur. One enemy npcs are making sudden leaps as high as the ceilings and ending up on the other side of the room. The other problems bridge officers are getting stuck and refusing to move forward until you place them manually. Both of these bugs I have seen regularly on my Romulan character.


  • sthe91sthe91 Member Posts: 861 Arc User
    edited July 12
    With one of the patches you don't need to place your BOFFs manually anymore when they get stuck. Look to the left and you will see a button that has to do with Bridge Officers, click on that to have your BOFFs' dead bodies moved so you can heal them or are able to follow you. Otherwise, you are on point about these bugs. Though it would be better if you did them in separate threads and not just one big thread. Thanks. :)
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  • gaalomgaalom Member Posts: 485 Arc User
    Good to know on the BOFFs. This game has gotten better and I love the choices and customization, but I really wish devs of games would focus more on fixing these bugs. Not just sto. Anyways thank you for the input and help.
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