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Reputation Tier VI not giving +2% bonus all damage bonus to reputation weapons

toranekoboukentoranekobouken Member Posts: 6 Arc User
Hi dev's & QA, I lodged a ticket for a bug with reputation weapons. Support advised that they will pass the info on to you but advised I should also post here. Below is my original query to support.
"Hi, I've noticed that the Reputation 2% bonus damage doesn't appear to be working for most of the Reputations.
I can see that Lukari rep is Giving the bounus but it seems Romulan, Nukara, Terran, Iconian, Gamma, Competative & Delta are not giving the bonus 2% damage. I haven't tested the rest but I suppose they all need testing/checking. I've attached example files. Please advise assist asap as I was working on a ship build using pieces from multiple reputations and was hoping to get a 2% damage bonus from each weapon.
Thankyou. "

and their response to me from Chroma.


Thank you for contacting us.

I deeply apologize for the delayed response due to the high volume of tickets in our queue. I understand that you encountered the reputation 2% bonus damage is not working correctly. Upon reviewing the information you have provided us, it seems to be a result of a possible gameplay bug. The Customer Support is unable to verify or fix bugs in the game as we do not have the tools to fix the issue that you encountered. However, please rest assured as we will gather the details that you've given to me and pass it to the developers for further investigation. I also strongly encourage you to post about this on the official bug reports forum, although the developers and QA team may not reply, they will see it there. You may submit the report using the link below."
Hope you guys can sort this out.

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