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Right analog stick + character customization (creation or otherwise) = no rotation

vincewolftigervincewolftiger Member Posts: 2 Arc User
After several hours of game play I'm guessing about 3 or so when I go to the tailor, get a new officer, or go to make a new character my right analog stick can zoom in and out but cannot rotate unless I reboot sto on the PS4. It seems to be a consistent issue. Has there been any solutions?


  • poseidon#9721 poseidon Member Posts: 25 Arc User
    edited July 15
    That happens to me also. No solution of which I know. Closing STO and relaunching it seem to work for me. It’s weird that some functionality goes away after many hours of game play. STO crashes on me a lot too.
  • yuurei#6637 yuurei Member Posts: 6 Arc User
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