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Impossibility of Reason day 3

The discovery Klingon mission Impossibility of reason is bugged, on day 3 of the mission the Klingons manage somehow to get into the back entrance of the cave which is impossible for the player to do and are able to shoot through the ice wall making them untouchable and the mission has to be aborted and skipped since you cannot progress in the mission any further.
  • Draal - FED, Saurian, LV60 - TAC
  • Mirak - FED 23c, Vulkan, LV60 - TAC
  • Ascaran Bloodclaw - KDF, Gorn, Lv18 - TAC
  • Melchiah - KDF, Gorn, LV60 - TAC
  • Ne'roon - KDF,Lethian, L60, TAC
  • Turel - ROM-KDF, Reman, 30, TAC
  • Elric - ROM-Fed, Romulan, L60, TAC
  • Richtor Belmont - FED 23c, Human,LV20, SCI
  • G'Kar - KDF, Gorn, L10

USS Sharlin NCC79713 B (part of sheridans access code) - T6, Hestia Class Advanced Escort
USS Babylon IV - T6 Krenim Science Vessel
USS Brakiri - T6 Elachi Escort
"I am Grey. I stand between the candle and the star."
"We are Grey. We stand between the darkness and the light."

– Grey Council greeting
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