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gunmagexiigunmagexii Member Posts: 1 Arc User
Hey All,

currently in support talking with Chroma GM. I can not access Tribble, I go to the site states "Go to test server here" Select that, then hit the "Sign me up!" Which goes right back to the original screen of Sign me up..

I've downloaded Fire Fox- Nothing, IE- Nothing, Chrome- Nothing. Phone Data- Nothing, Wifi-Nothing. So...Bit lost here. help!

I also run STO off of PC-Steam. Not sure if I need the Arc Launcher for Tribble?


  • protoneousprotoneous Member Posts: 1,021 Arc User
    Are you signed or signing in with your account details when on the Tribble test page? Check top right of page for your account name. I also use the 'keep signed in' function when signing in to avoid having the arcgames.com pages forget me (am using Chrome with W10). If you can't sign in have you checked your cookie settings or anything else that would block cookies? My ad blocker doesn't seem to interfere with these pages.

    I don't usually use Steam or the Arc launcher but have Arc installed on this PC. You can make a shortcut to the Star Trek Online application either way and put it on your desktop. For the latter two options (Arc and the application shortcut) both display the button for logging into Tribble once the game launcher comes up.
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