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Jem'Hadar idea: Vorta Science BOFF

It seems to me an opportunity is being missed to add a female Vorta (Loriss whatever number she's up to now, or a different name entirely) to the Jem'Hadar BOFF crew. Both for sake of story, and sake of variety in the all male Jem'Hadar ensemble that we are given to start with.

Loriss was a capable scientist, as shown when she was assisting Dr. Bashir in the Gamma Quadrant story, so Science Officer fits. Abilities, bearing in mind that the Vorta are bred to be managers...

Space: Efficient, which other factions can get from Liberated Borg and other races.

Ground: Acute Senses, since the Vorta tend to be sneaky and paranoid. Covert for the same reason. Logical or perhaps Spiritual seems to be a fit, given their reverence of the Founders. In canon, Eris had telekinetic abilities which could be a ground ability of some kind. Teamwork if you're feeling generous about them being managers on the ground as well.


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