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Gamma Recruit 100 Queues

1st off, there is no Counter so you can't see how many it has decided to say you have done, 2nd I've kept a log of all the queues I have won, and I've gone past 110 queues and it still didn't unlock (28 of which were the FTFOs) so I have no idea if it is just broken, or if the FTFOs don't count or what.


  • alexanderb#7559 alexanderb Member Posts: 114 Arc User
    I don't think it's counting the featured TFOs, they probably don't think of adding them to the list with the launch of the featured TFOs
  • where2r1where2r1 Member Posts: 5,924 Arc User
    edited March 17
    My comment from an older post:
    where2r1 wrote: »
    Well, in the moment, I had forgotten about newer stuff not being connected to the Recruits...and definitely was not considering that each TFO had to be connected individually to the Dominion Transponder as a separate trigger instead of just some "general" thing triggered by joining any queue.


    Also: from tk79...who was counting along with his, too......
    tk79 wrote: »
    Got the achievement after 118 queues complete total.

    So I'd say it's not a calculation error (100+25+1+1), but rather that some TFOs are not giving credit. Since there is no progress bar, we can't tell which ones aren't.

    I'd suspect Borg Space TFOs are not giving credit because they can be finished really fast.


    And as mentioned....without a counter on it to verify....no one really can say which ones are giving credit and which are NOT.

    My suggestion is: stick to the older queues that existed before Jem'Hadars and Gamma Recruits existed in order to be sure you are in a queue that counts.
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  • atlantis#9395 atlantis Member Posts: 22 Arc User
    well thanks on the info.. i guess i'll drop the jemie dead, cuz i have no intention of spamming some random TFOs and hoping that the queue gives credit for the accolade and having no real clue how many more i have to do... and like srsly don't get it how cryptic couldn't make a simple counter for those, i mean they have counters for TRIBBLE they don't need em for. :|
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