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Unable to select the new Centaur variant for the advanced light cruiser?

justme2013xjustme2013x Member Posts: 8 Arc User
Anyone else having issues with not being able to select the new Centaur variant for the adv light cruiser T1, T6 or Fleet?


  • robertdamonrobertdamon Member Posts: 47 Arc User
    Yep. The new skin pops up when I open the ship tailor, but I can't seem to save it and when you go back into the tailor you can't select Type 8 or 8B skins. Also, if you click away from the Centaur to another preset, nothing happens if you try click Centaur again. There's another thread about it so I suspect they'll be combined.
  • pwemademedothispwemademedothis Member Posts: 72 Arc User
    Having the same problem with the Advanced Light Cruiser [T6]; selecting the Centaur fails on save and selecting Centaur parts won't happen depending on which ship model in the tailor one starts with.
  • jackson900pwejackson900pwe Member Posts: 166 Arc User
    Can also verify that I have this issue as well.
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