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Breen Tac BOFF will not activate integral environmental suit

Remember when they supposedly updated the Breen Tac BOFF special reward so he has an integral environmental suit that automatically clicks on when you enter a hostile environment? It even says so on the text of his Cryonic Visor Trait. It has never worked for me. Today just to test it I took him to the Underground Ruins on New Romulus and the Tholian Carrier in "Stormbound" and both times, without a suit, he immediately started taking damage.

Now I know there are very few places where you get to take your BOFFs down to a hostile environment in this game, nevertheless I would REALLY like to see this feature work at some point especially since I built that BOFF specifically with using cold weapons against Tholians in mind (I love freezing those buggers to the wall lol).

Does anyone else have this problem? Thanks!
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