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BUG w/ Kobali Act II Missions: Claiming Ineligible/reduced rewards?

strathkinstrathkin Member Posts: 879 Bug Hunter
edited March 14 in PC Gameplay Bug Reports

I've completed every STORY Arc from the start thru Solanae, except that "Supply Woes" still has a Yellow Warning message, stating this mission is required for found missions to be enabled. Yet despite this yellow warning being gone on other characters, I can't seem to get the "Supply Woes" mission from the Romulan Commander, or by contact Joint Command yet all other missions are completed in this ARC, and I can in fact obtain Found Missions?

-- PROBLEM ---

Still Despite having done Every DELTA Episode ARC Mission right through and including TakeDown! It still claims every Act II mission, says I'm ineligible, yet I've done them all, including all the ACT III, but to do them, I had to have a Team Mate share them. But recently I noticed it gave the warning, "You were INELIGIBLE when you received it, despite being level 65, having done every ARCs & Episode right up to, and including The Delta Arc right thru to and including "Take Down" so why would I be ineligible?

I can see all 4 Act I missions in the Replay Console? Yet when I speak to the General he shows me the first 3 missions from Act I again. Yet is willing to offer me Kobali Act III (Higher Level Quest) yet offers none of the Act III quests. But if I do the Act II Missions with a friend I'm told I'm ineligible for them when I received it, so rewards will be reduced?

I've heard many over the years CLAIM similar issues with Kobali but nobody every really detailed it. This was also my first character to have run into it. Thought I know now a 2nd character will likely run into the same issue. Though she hasn't done the Solanae ARC yet, and only done a few Delta missions, if she speaks to the General he is willing to give me the Kobali Act I, and the Kobali Act III Higher Level quests, but also not Act II for some reason? So again why?

Because without Act II being completed the General won't offer Act III lower level missions, and despite having done them several times, I can only assume because I was 'ineligible' at the time, it keeps forgetting the Transporter Signal to the Hillside Base, and the Upper Hillside Base despite having unlocked both signals. And as I stated I'm 65, done every mission right thru, and up to and including Take Down in Delta Arc.

Maybe our KIND and gentle CM with Purple / Red Hair, might be able to pass this on to DEVs?


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  • strathkinstrathkin Member Posts: 879 Bug Hunter
    Yesterday or a day or two ago I saw Hanchon offer the Kobali Act II mission in available, yet for some reason thought it was perhaps fixed, and now I can't find it for the life of me in available yet. But Act III is available, yet every time I try to do an Act II mission it requires a friend to share it.

    Then when they do it says I'm ineligible so rewards will be reduced despite having done each ARC or Episode right up thru Delta to the last one with Harry.
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