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In-Operable Weapons on Jem'Hadar Vangaurd Dreadnought

grazutgrazut Member Posts: 8 Arc User
Just for some fun, put my Klingon aligned Romulan into a Jem'Hadar Vangaurd Dreadnought. But I am having a weapon(s) issue. Even though the weapons are all set to autofire they are not working unless I manually activate each weapon, for each shot. I also do not see the wingman even though the status board for them shows up. I treied searching to see if this was a known issue via here and google but came up dry.



  • grazutgrazut Member Posts: 8 Arc User
    Update: I can get them all to fire by continually pressing/spamming my 1 key (linked to weapon slot 1). But none will continue to auto-fire. Wingman are still not there most the time. Appears to depend on what system I spawn into. I.e. they sho up on the fleet starbase map.
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