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Set Rally Point for Crew

stromtengristromtengri Member Posts: 4 Arc User
The bug is Set Rally Point for Crew. all three (general x1) and (individual x2) buttons are active. Used at Dyson ground battlezone. Click on any one of the three buttons, pointer changes. highlight is white. If you try to click on any valid point on the ground in the Battlezone away from the command center, sound effect of negative "bong", and unable to set. This is specifically on one of my 20 characters named [email protected]
All 18 others that are able to enter the Dyson ground battlezone is able to set the rally point. This bug has happened for about 2-3 years now. Submitted a few tickets via in game "Help and Support". I'm posting here at the suggestion of dev Mercy. Please put me out of my misery. TY

[email protected]
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