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[Console] Bring home a Tardigrade pet from the adoption agency!

ambassadorkael#6946 ambassadorkael Member, Administrator Posts: 1,825 Administrator
Captains on Console can bring the magic of Tardigrades into their lives with the launch of #MirrorofDiscovery on March 5th!



  • sarvour0sarvour0 Member Posts: 382 Arc User
    [SIGPIC]Sarvour Shipyards[/SIGPIC]Sarvour Shipyards
    =A=Commodore Joshua Daniel Sarvour, S.C.E.
    U.S.S. AKAGI NX-93347, Enterprise-class Battle Cruiser =A= U.S.S. T'KORA'S WRATH NX-110047, Odyssey-class Battle Cruiser

    "There Ain't No Grave, Can Hold My Body Down..."

    PS - I fully support a T6 Nova, fixing the Nova skins. I am also rooting for a T6 Science Cruiser, that can use Nova/Rhode Island skins.
    T6 Nova/Rhode Island, T6 Oberth & T6 Constellation are needed. Also needed a T6 Science Cruiser, that can wear any Science or Cruiser skin.
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