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Cannot complete "Promotion: Subcommander"

I have instructions to go to New Romulus and talk to Admiral Kererek to get a promotion for my Romulan character, but when i talk to him, there is nothing mentioning a promotion. He says "I have nothing for you right now."
What do I have to do to advance this forward? Support was no help at all. They said it sounded like a bug. No kidding.



  • divvydenddivvydend Member Posts: 91 Arc User
    The promotion talk with Admiral Kererek is not in game now … you go directly to the shuttle bay and collect your ship from the ship vendor. Admiral Kererek was getting a sore throat from constantly congratulating newly promoted officers and requested this change :)
  • admiralfierce#8058 admiralfierce Member Posts: 3 Arc User
    Already tried that. Not working either
  • pomonagrange#3097 pomonagrange Member Posts: 112 Arc User
    Is this the promotion at level 10, or level 20?

    If the former, you first have to do the Khitomer Accords mission (I think it's called "Turning Point"), then go to New Romulus' shuttlebay to claim your level 10 ship. In-game, it sounds as if you can do the promotion first, but you can't.

    If the latter, I don't think I've had that problem (yet). No idea how to solve it.
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