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How important are these tailor options to you?

Cosplay and RP players Unite!

How important are these tailor options to you? 7 votes

Unified RGB color pallet, balanced to top & bottom uniform pieces.
Owned/unlocked uniform pieces used for Captains & crew.
Allow cross-faction costumes (i.e., K-13, Spire and Colony sets) to be used on all allied races.
Unlock of faction-specific uniform pieces across allied races.
vegeta50024starshine#7408 2 votes
Paid access to enhanced tailor functions like buying costume slots in C-Store.
Two or more of these five options together.
mainacentaurianalphakaggert27warpangeljagdtier44 5 votes
Expendables Fleet: Andrew - Bajoran Fed Engineer Ken'taura - Rom/Fed Scientist Gwyllim - Human Fed Delta Tac
Savik - Vulcan Fed Temporal Sci
Dahar Masters Fleet: Alphal'Fa - Alien KDF Engineer Qun'pau - Rom/KDF Engineer D'nesh - Orion KDF Scientist Ghen'khan - Liberated KDF Tac
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  • where2r1where2r1 Member Posts: 5,620 Arc User
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  • warpangelwarpangel Member Posts: 7,997 Arc User
    Two or more of these five options together.
    All of the above and more.
  • spiritbornspiritborn Member Posts: 1,157 Arc User
    That poll makes no sense as it is written at the moment. the poll question is "how important are these tailor options to you", the the options seem to be asking "which of these options you find important". I'm not putting down a vote before I know what I'm actually voting.

    Also there should be a "none of them" option if the intention was for the question to be "which of these options you find important", since there are people like myself who wouldn't mind those options but also don't consider it a hill worth dying on.
  • jagdtier44jagdtier44 Member Posts: 124 Arc User
    Two or more of these five options together.
    Should of just done a multipule choice poll. For me its RGB, and uniforms for cross faction allies. Irks me I can't put the Embassy Romulans in Romulan uniforms
  • azrael605azrael605 Member Posts: 8,668 Arc User
    I don't care about any of that.
    Bring on Discovery season 2 and Age of Discovery.
  • baddmoonrizinbaddmoonrizin Member Posts: 4,860 Community Moderator
    Why are you creating another thread when there's already an active thread about the Tailor? Spamming. /Thread.
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