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R&D Problems

trennantrennan Member Posts: 2,139 Arc User
Before I bug report this. Has anyone else experienced the following?

I'm attempting to make some Targeting Interfaces so that I can make some weapons. All of my R&D slots are open, I have the materials, and the Doffs, however, when I click start I get the message, "Failed to start R&D project "Targeting Interface."

Things I have tried, which normally work to fix this, but haven't.
-Changing Instances
-Re-entering the game form character select
-Restarting the game entirely

I've even double checked. Nothing in my overflow bag. Nothing stuck in upgrade or re-engineering. The only doff assignments I have running are the recruitment ones.

Edit: Upon further testing, this is only happening when I try to make 3+ of an item. And for now seems to have sorted itself out, as I can now make the 3+ of the items.


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