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7TH Order Assault Wing,and 7TH Order Reconnaissance Wing

defraggerdefragger Member Posts: 32 Arc User
edited January 23 in Fleet Recruitment
The 7Th Order Assault Wing is seeking a lvl 50+ fleet to join an open Gamma Fleet Position,And the 7TH order Reconnaissance has 2 open positions for Lvl 50+ Gamma Fleets Within 7Th Order Beta Division(Alpha fleet with everything done,and working towards T5 colony.We have an active Discord with knowledgeable,Friendly players as well as a Armada wide chat comprised of 42 armadas,and over 300 fleets.We can tailor your needs whether you are KDF,or FED.Mail me in [email protected] hevymtl4life,or look at our website: https://7thorderwebsite.wixsite.com/7thorder. Godspeed,and Good Hunting \m/
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