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LF gamma spot in armada

uiabuiab Member Posts: 7 Arc User
My micro-fleet (me, my bro and a few dudes from another game) looking for a gamma spot. My problem is they left me here and I'm too big of a trekker to leave this game.
I'm not a big poster but I've been playing this game for quite a few years and I have numerous alts. I'm not afraid to grind dil, tho any good dil discount would certainly help. The fleet is only lvl18 but we built it on my dilithium. Currently on dil mine holding then onto the colony because I really like that place.
So if you have a gamma spot with huge dil discount then please leave a message here. Or I'm online almost every day in the evening GMT.


  • wolffie87#9543 wolffie87 Member Posts: 3 Arc User
    edited January 22
    My Fleet "Task Force Charlie Alpha" might be in a good position to help you, actually. I don't speak with full authority, but I do have the Fleet Admiral's ear. My characters are: T'Pia (Pictured in one of her forms, as my avatar here), Christie, Livara, (in TFCA) and I also have one in our sister-armada fleet named Mirabel (Strategic Research Squadron Triton).
    If you'd like to discuss options, I'm available practically every night after 6PM (EST) and ongoing for several hours. I'd be delighted to meet you.
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