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Cannot play game at all

I know it may not be for reporting, or even ranting, about in games bugs here. However when there is a problem that does not allow you to play the game and you get no response it goes beyond annoying. This problem being that various ships will not equip weapons or consoles into slots. Besides this I cannot claim certain ships as it states there is a new price? Will I be able to ever claim this item I bought ever again? These were purchased items and as such I need to know where I can escalate my query to? I have sent off ticket after ticket already.


  • baddmoonrizinbaddmoonrizin Member Posts: 5,584 Community Moderator
    Submitting a ticket to Customer Service or filing a Bug Report to the Bug Subforum are the best ways to get problems resolved. If you've already submitted tickets, then my suggestion is wait for a response. Complaining in General Discussion, however, will not lead to a resolution of your issues, as it is not monitored by those individuals. /Thread
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