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ViL Home ground TFO

I think it would be pretty cool if Gamma Task Force have a ground op to do. If nothing else break up the monotony of Swarm. Cryptic could use the assets from the episode home and change it to a ground TFO. Using the last bit of Home, the rescue of the Founders. Get through several swarms of H'urq, bonus to recuse Founders and Vorta/Jem'hadar groups, and then a hold out with a timer.


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  • seaofsorrowsseaofsorrows Member Posts: 6,800 Arc User
    I love this idea.. I think it would be fun.

    Too bad it's probably not going to happen. Still.. good idea!
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  • baddmoonrizinbaddmoonrizin Member Posts: 4,837 Community Moderator
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  • where2r1where2r1 Member Posts: 5,610 Arc User
    I actually liked that mission. They should take out all the cut scenes, too. I want to play, not watch.
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  • ruinthefunruinthefun Member Posts: 2,108 Arc User
    They have this tendency to misuse and overuse cutscenes. Cutscenes should be for things that they cannot show us in game. There is rarely anything about these cutscenes that cannot simply happen in-game.
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