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2019 is going to be a sad time for buying zen.

thevampinatorthevampinator Member Posts: 476 Arc User
edited January 7 in Ten Forward
I was not expecting to see it, and it angered me very much. But now if you want to buy 50 dollars worth of zen. its like a 3.88 extra tax. In essense, 50 dollors worth of zen with a 50 dollar steam card by itself means you can only like get 45 dollars worth of zen out of it because of this nonsense. I do hope cryptic is willing to work with US Players effected by this even though it most likely will not happen. So now with the new changes. I might only be able to spend 4500 per fifty dollars with this new change and this is sad times. What are your thoughts have you been effected by this?
If you have not heard, States can now charge you sales tax even with online services and they are now required to do it in some states and this is having an impact for sure. I'm sure a lot more american players might suffer from this once other states start doing it too. So prepare yourselves :( :'(


  • rattler2rattler2 Member Posts: 48,463 Arc User
    Seeing as how my State already had sales tax included on online stuff (something Steam already took into account), it doesn't really affect me. Then again I don't buy Steam cards to buy Zen.

    Aren't there still Arc Cards out there somewhere in the wild as well so you don't have to go through Steam?
    I can't take it anymore! Could everyone just chill out for two seconds before something CRAZY happens again?!
    The nut who actually ground out a Delta Pack, Temporal Pack, and Gamma Pack
    The resident forum voice of reason (I HAZ FORUM REP! YAY!)
  • tommyaoi#5961 tommyaoi Member Posts: 5 New User
    My state has been charging a gaming tax for a while already so if anything I'm already used to it. 😓 But on top of that I have only bought Zen once during a discounted time in purchase my ships and items during a discount in time. 😎

    But I will definitely make a note of it to see if the prices have one up.
  • ryan218ryan218 Member Posts: 34,368 Arc User
    Always had this in the UK, since STO went live in 2010. EU countries have VAT (Value Added Tax), including on digital goods.
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