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Fun Ship Idea, Event Horizon Vessel

thevampinatorthevampinator Member Posts: 462 Arc User
Well this is something of an orthadox idea. I'm sure they would need to get special permision from Paramount to do it. But theoretically. If you ever seen one of the advertisements on the vhs videos with startrek. Some of them had the advertisements of both the Godfather and Wait for it Event Horizon. If you had not seen it, there is this ship called the event horizon, it had a gravity drive/ Aka a Variant form of Singularity Drive. But instead of warping, it was supposed to form worm holes through space time. Aka Horror entity comes on board, Figured out a way of bringing the ship back over. To the Sol System and lured more victims maybe for its species to take back with it. Anyways I can see the two being connected into the same universal reality. Just the way the movie was and also since Cbs/Paramount were both Owners of this movie and the outfits they were wearing kinda remind me of the later Enterprise outfits. Maybe they could even be talked into it. As Humanity in the Star Trek Verse was able to advance with space travel a lot quicker, then real life. Given its lore, we know they had the technology to travel at least around Sol. In the early twentieth/twenty first century.
How would you feel if they were given permission for them to add the Event Horizon Class ship to the game? Maybe as a Hybrid Singularity Core upgraded version of the Event Horizon Vessel instead of forming wormholes it functions like a singularity drive, but with darker twist to it. Maybe forming more powerful Singularity abilties that can only be used on this vessel.

Here is a couple of Pictures of the ship then the comparsions to the Romulan singularity core seen in the romulan engineering interior in sto and the Gravity Drive Core seen in Event Horizon.
So what are your thoughts think they should do it try and see if Cbs and Paramount will allow them to do this? Please Comment Below. Well I know it will more then likely will never happen, only got inspired to make this thread after seeing the movie again on the Cbs Channel they were running it.




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