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Star Trek Online Promotional Official Giveaways Guide and Arc Redeem Page Link.

thevampinatorthevampinator Member Posts: 476 Arc User
edited December 2018 in The Academy
I noticed a while back they closed the old one in the Ten Foward Forum not sure if there is another one up. But well, I felt I would be helpful.
There is a long running thread in Neverwinter that is a guide for all the promotions. They also do these giveaways for Star Trek Online but right now there is no Guide for the Giveaways here. With this thread people will be able to know about them. Which is why I am making this thread so the players can post them as they come across them. Hopefully this thread will stay open for that purpose throughout the years.
This one is I came across the tardigrade-wrangler-pack.


If you want to look at any promotions active in Neverwinter here is that thread. https://www.arcgames.com/en/forums/neverwinter/#/discussion/490059/neverwinter-list-of-promotions-giveaways/p1

As for where to redeem the codes. https://www.arcgames.com/en/redeem/

Anyone know of any Promotions or any current ones active please feel free to share any current and future promotional giveaways for Star Trek Online.
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  • dracounguisdracounguis Member Posts: 5,363 Arc User
    yeah, every expansion we see something like this to entice new people to check out STO. That ones been out awhile. I'm surprised it still has >18k keys left still. I check out the alienwarearena website, among others that do that.
    Sometimes I think I play STO just to have something to complain about on the forums.
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