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Travel and Duty Officer Mission Overhaul

thevampinatorthevampinator Member Posts: 575 Arc User
I posted this idea on another thread, the persons thread talked about adding a queue like missions system so people can stay in whatever social areas they are in without leaving them.
My idea is this.

Sector space has been in the game since the begining use to be separate zones, they overhauled it but made travel a lot longer in the process there is so many systems and stars. Now my idea is to streamline it, where we don't have to have the hassle of it.

If you watched Star Trek Discovery, there is this scene where Lorca, Shows Stamats a Astrolgocial map he was keeping track of all his jumps. Instead of sector space, we will have a room. Each faction will have their own, While Romulans will be able to use their allied factions. Here is how it would go.

The room would have a sector space holographic display where you go up to it and it goes to a short cutscreen where you lean into it and then look at the astrological holographic display of the stars. Major Worlds would have their planets on display around the holographic star. While no other stars show any planets. There would be a setting where you can look at the name of the star. Then click on that star to travel to that system or patrol. They would not need to add all the stars, Just the ones with patrol missions and ground areas certain stars. They can have display of areas and starbases. on the Holographic display. When you click on them you can select patrol missions or queue up for certain queues. Now each of the Federation Factions, Will have their own special Astrological Display room. Discovery Captains, will get Discovery Astrological room. Regular Federation Captains, A room more TNG And Modern, Tos, Retro Astrological room. Romulans will have their own as well as use any of their allies, While Feds would be bound by the Astrological room of their faction choice. Romulans would be able to use all three plus their own and if Allied with Kdf the Klingon Astrological room. . Dominion would only be allowed to use the modern version of their allied faction choice as well as having their own. As they are not fully trusted. What this Astrological room idea is supposed to do is to get rid of Sector Space Completely. Allowing instant travel instead of a fifteen minute travel to one location to another when at a low level. Think of it as Streamlining Travel. They can add in a console that allows players to hear about the various sectors from the voice actors that happen where you once had to travel in sector space to do. Each quadrant will have their own holographic display of Stars. Which you can flip through with a tab on the side to switch the halo chart to what ever quadrant you want to go. Certain Areas would have to be unlocked by the storyline but once its done. You can go to those quadrants whenever you wish. So Gamma and Delta would be locked till you have access to those areas through the story.

Next Duty Officer Mission Overhaul.
How it would work, you would no longer just be sending unknown duty officers, you will have face to face interaction with these npcs. They would still keep the active duty roster and pictured duty officers but it would only be used for ship operations.

Like the Astrological room, Each faction will get their own special Conference room. Acting like the Workship system just added to Neverwinter. This is where You can interact with the New Duty Officers and send them on missions or meet with ambassadors. On Ship to Ship operations. Duty Officers will report, Through Cutscenes if they are successful, or if a duty officer is injured they will be informed they are in sickbay. Later on as your duty officers gain experience you can upgrade the conformance room to take on more difficult missions So every situation would be different. This will depend on what commendation you want to handle. Diplomacy, Engineering, Science, Exploration, Colonialism, Tactical, Espionage, Privateer, Trade. Each faction will have both Privateer and Diplomacy. Privateer destroying or taking enemy supplies. While making it a more honorable system then what the kdf has now.

Commendation will give rewards. Kinda like Admiralty depending on the success of whatever mission you send you Duty Officers on. Commendation will be streamlined, making it much easier to get to the top. Diplomacy will depend on your captains success at diplomacy. This will be a random game where you meet with random species or send crew members to a planet to make a deal with certain races and the outcome depends on how convincing you and your crew are. So this not only gives your crew a purpose but show how you are the one running the show. Diplomacy should give each faction their own outfit. Klingons get their own diplomatic outfit. Romulans and Dominion should be able to use their Chosen allied factions Diplomatic outfit. I was really disapointed when I farmed it with a romulan only to discover you couldn't get the federation outfit.
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Travel and Duty Officer Mission Overhaul 2 votes

These are both Good Ideas the Devs should really consider doing. Yes I would like to see both of these ideas implemented.
thevampinatorfuryan#5289 2 votes
Would like the devs to consider the Travel System Overhaul but the Doff Overhaul No.
Would like the Devs to consider the Doff Overhaul Idea But not the Travel Overhaul
These are both terrible ideas.
No Overhaul is needed and things should just be kept the same.


  • baddmoonrizinbaddmoonrizin Member Posts: 6,199 Community Moderator
    This is just another way of saying, travel from the bridge, which is an FCT topic. /Thread

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