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Karpos (Federation fleet) is recruiting

marvyn#9793 marvyn Member Posts: 2 Arc User
Karpos is a Federation fleet recruiting new and returning players.

Founded in 2012, we are looking for both new cadets and veteran Admirals to join our fleet.

We have lost some players to the Borg, but are committed to rebuilding the fleet.

We are an English language, Level 75 fleet, with all holdings completed apart from the Colony World, which is Tier 3. We have players in Europe and the US and are looking for more mature players to join us.

We are a casual fleet, but we know the game fairly well and are helpful so could help out new starters get their ships and builds in good condition. If you're new to the game, or returning after a break, get in contact with @Marvyn#9793, @Vellari, @oosgearoo007 or @Tarkah and we can tell you a bit about the fleet.
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