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Looking for a Fleet FED/PS4

roylepythonroylepython Member Posts: 2 Arc User
Hello, I am a returning player (well branched from pc to ps4 after refusing to create a character on ps4 for redoing it all) to now building my way back up through the ranks, Right now I'm leveling about 5-10 levels (including working!) a day and looking for a fleet on PS4.

A side note I've no time for dead fleets I'm looking for people to be social with I'm a UK player and normally play in the evening after work and the weekend. If you have a friendly bunch and want to +1 then let me know (reply to this message here I like to research groups I play with! as a former EVE player and STO player).. looking forward to meeting you!

Used to voice comms and website and in game participation oh yes and while ive bought the Starfleet pack to keep me in decent ships I've also got the T6 battle cruiser pack waiting for me so I can participate! I will just need help rep grinding and gearing once I get back to End Game!
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