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Nemesis Corps Fleet (fed)

jvonwolfies2jvonwolfies2 Member Posts: 19 Arc User
edited November 2018 in Fleet Recruitment
Nemesis Corps is currently (constantly) recruiting new active players to our fleet and Allied Fleets Assembly Armada.

Nemesis corps was founded by veteran players on the idea that although we are star trek fans, STO is just a game and should be fun and inclusive for everyone. Our fleet is managed without strict and overreaching rules, drama, elitism, or exclusivity. Our only requirement is that players be active within the fleet and the Armada. We welcome, and provide assistance to all.

Within Nemesis Corps & -AFA- Armada we promote and support playstyles from very casual to serious PvP and everything in-between. Our in-game chat channels & discord channels provide access to like minded players and groups, to suit your style & offer a launchpad should you choose to expand that style. They are always active, and we are well represented in each time zone.

If you're a new or veteran player who is ready to make 1700+ new friends, and have a Federation Character on PC, and want unrestricted access to top tier holdings via our allies, please reply below with your @handle or send me a message in-game to [email protected]


(we also have a gamma fleet position available)
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