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New Romulus Reputation: Tier 5 Rewards missing after AoD launch

inferiorityinferiority Member Posts: 743 Arc User
First, let me say I have read through the similar PC-threads here and here on this issue and I would like some clarification on how I can get my Tier 5 Reputation rewards.
  • My Jem'Hadar captain completed Tier 5 in the New Romulus Reputation before Age of Discovery launched;
  • The unhailable "Stranded in Space" (detailed here and here) blocked any progression toward completing & gaining those Tier 5 rewards from "Secrets of the Ancients";
  • Now that Age of Discovery has launched, those Tier 5 rewards are no longer available from "Secrets of the Ancients" but from the "Claim Tier 5 Reputation" project, which my character completed before AoD.

What can I do now to get the Dilithium, Marks, Expertise, etc. rewards for the Tier 5 in this reputation?
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  • rndflactuationrndflactuation Member Posts: 706 Arc User
    edited November 2018
    I definitely support the OP in this subject and said such in other topics (and as mentioned in the link the OP gave, it's also Delta beside Rom, for some/potentially), this despite somehow not being affected myself and not because of anything "smart" or special I did just by "luck"
    (either had the reward y T5 + Secrets of the Ancients before AoD, or hadn't reached T5 yet before AoD so my chars are fine in that NR regard and also had the delta claimed somehow, and I was also somehow lucky with my Jem being able to go to NR while many Jem's couldn't then due to blocks).
    EDIT: My "luck", and own experience here, belong to PC only. The criticism etc, belong here even if I indeed got the WRONG BOARD.

    The dilitium amount is significant (32k IIRC) and also it includes a lot of marks - don't know how many, 750? which can help a lot now while you added T6. Elite marks (as well as rep) are also a nice kickstart for projects and rep could be used for that too as an alternative.

    As I personally see it, you have the responsibility to fix this/compensate all affected (as said, not me so it's not written in a personal interest) even those who don't know they are affected. And doing that extra carefully to not bug things by the fix. It's a result of a change you did which (beside a desired outcome of making us able to skip, which IMO didn't ideally require any jurnal change) I don't know why it was needed.
    (People were so afraid to be bugged, rightfully, so many just took all those "problematic" / changed missions in available/skipped or alternatively hurried to do missions and get probes and reach upper missions before the changes, so that available tab made messed up more, had issues also and spent time trying to regain reach-ability to missions and solve issues)
  • rndflactuationrndflactuation Member Posts: 706 Arc User
    edited November 2018
    OOPS again wrong board - sorry. I think my words here though count for other people, on PC and PS4 alike...

    I am not a dev, I am allowed to err ;) But indeed better I do this less frequently.
  • smooshy#7462 smooshy Member Posts: 230 Arc User
    So that's why I haven't gotten my New Romulus rewards on anybody. Is it the same with the Dyson reputation, or do you still have to track down the Voth defector?
  • inferiorityinferiority Member Posts: 743 Arc User
    Dyson still works but the New Romulus one had the missions decoupled from it and that's what causes the problem.

    I made a ticket at Customer Support and provided the necessary info with screenshots from my character 'Log' (in the Journal, beside Accolades) showing the T5 completion date and the SotA completion dates.

    After a day or two investigating, they granted me the missing rewards. \o/
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  • mwolfpunk81#9885 mwolfpunk81 Member Posts: 1 New User
    same happened with my rewards on Dyson and Iconic hasn't been resolved yet
  • inferiorityinferiority Member Posts: 743 Arc User
    Nothing changed in the Dyson or Iconian reputations, so they should still work.
    I completed a Dyson rep to T5 recently and got the rewards after the final mission, no problem.
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    Everyone has a better name and Youtube Channel than me...  :/
  • scotty74321scotty74321 Member Posts: 25 Arc User
    Completed the New Romulus story ARC on the 3rd of July 2019 12:35 uk time. The D'tan NPC video shows then Admiral Quin , upon filing the report and getting ready to leave the underground complex, however no marks or dilithium was issued yet the Friend of New Romulus title was and Quin tells you that on gaing the dilithium and marks you should use it towards some reputation gear. I am not sure why but giving the last two stories THE POWER SOURCE and SECRETS OF THE ANCIENTS , are identical per involvement to completion, is there a conflict in the system to identify which triggers the Reputation rewards?
    Laddy, don't you think you should... rephrase that??
  • inferiorityinferiority Member Posts: 743 Arc User
    The reputation rewards are triggered by the Tier 5 upgrade project when you hit the target of 100,000 Rep.
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  • legion#1230 legion Member Posts: 14 Arc User
    I’ve had this happen a couple times myself once with Ionian rep on my Fed vanguard JH tac and once with my fed alien tac
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