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The Mak'Tar (Galaxy Quest) The Journey Continues

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"We may be doing it wrong, but it's working...." since..

EST. APR 2012

The Mak'Tar was founded in April of 2012 by Admiral Nierion, Admiral Tulok, Vice Admiral James, Vice Admiral Jewkesman and Commander Susik. The Mak'Tar goal is to create a family fun experience for all members and to celebrate the meaning of what a family is. Inspired by the movie Galaxy Quest, the Mak'Tar continue to grow each day and regardless of what challenges they face there is always one saying that rings true......


We are now looking for new members to join us on our Federation Fleet. We have nearly everything to max level, people gaming every day, running missions etc; and we have regularly 10-20 People Online in our Discord every day. Many of our members play a variety of other games or just hang out and chat!

To register please fill out the "Application" recruitment form at

The Mak'Tar Historical Records

The Mak'Tar was founded in the late 23rd century. The company was created by the last remaining members of a great Mak'Tarian civilization who originated from a distant star, not far from the Orion System. The corporation is part of the National Space Exploration Administration and offers a variety of roles. You too can have such exciting jobs as repeating the computer or looking really awesome in your uniform and corporate looking haircut TODAY!

The Mak'Tar's Fleet Admiral Nierion is looking to the future and to the stars. Some question The Mak'Tar's methods, but according to Fleet Admiral Nierion in a recent interview and I quote, "We may be doing it wrong, but it's working", a phrase which has stuck with The Mak'Tar and it's unorthodox methods. The Mak'Tar accepts all citizens, whether they are new or veterans within Starfleet, as long they are 18 years old or older! It has always been stated the the groups ranking structure is purely administrative and that all opinions of every member is valued. The group's core rules are simple and yet effective (they can be viewed here).

Their aim is to provide a fun and exciting experience to all their members, as well as a sense of achievement with a variety of positions & career choices. A laid back atmosphere makes every member feel as though they are part of an extended family. On a regular basis members bring in family and friends into the Mak'Tar to help it grow. Many people take part in regular events for a variety of recreational programs, especially on the Steam platform. There are a variety of officer roles if your looking to work your way up through the ranks and help in the day to day running of the group.

Sign up to The Mak'Tar today. Take exploration to the next level, and don't be another Crewman #6! Never give up, never surrender!

The Mak'Tar Goal

The group strives on keeping a drama free & relaxed atmosphere at for our many members from across the globe including US, Canada, UK and other parts of Europe.

All members are required to register on The Mak'Tar website and start their 2-4 week probation as a Cadet. Discord and regular activity is required for any member to be successful and it helps The Mak'Tar get to know you better and find the right place in the group that is tailored to your style and needs. If this is the place for you and your probation is successful then you'll start your journey as a full fledged member after working through the Mak'Tar Trials and learning such skills as:

The Mak'Tar Stealth Haze
The Mak'Tar Chant Of Strength

The Mak'Tar is always playing a variety of games which currently include Star Trek Online, The Division, and of course Star Citizen upon release. Feel free to join us for a game. We already have quite a few members getting together for a variety of other recreational activities on the Steam.

If you have any questions feel free to message any Admiral directly.

To register please fill out the "Star Trek Online Application" recruitment form at http://www.guilded.gg/r/BprEw2N5Wl

Old Recruitment Thread - You can read feedback from all members and friends over the years!

And finally.....

"As long as there is injustice, whenever a Targathian baby cries out, wherever a distress signal sounds among the stars, we'll be there. This fine fleet, these fine members. Never give up... and never surrender."
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  • nierionnierion Member Posts: 326 Arc User
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    Everyone at The Mak'Tar is enjoying AoD! Helping members progress and we are still looking for more people who want to become part of an awesome community. Check us out and apply at http://www.guilded.gg/r/BprEw2N5Wl
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  • nierionnierion Member Posts: 326 Arc User
    The Mak'Tar is still growing, so far we have welcomed an additional 5 new members recently into our community. We are not just a Star Trek Online community, but a multi-national gaming community that is passionate about gaming in general. Right now you can find us playing such games as Destiny 2, The Division and Star Citizen. Check us out and if interested apply here: http://www.guilded.gg/r/BprEw2N5Wl

    If you dont have a Guilded account, we recommend signing up using a Discord account as both link together! Our main voice comms is via Discord.

    Never give up, never surrender!
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