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2 Problems

ardyardy Member Posts: 2 Arc User
The first problem is I keep getting 'The Blue Screen of Death'. IRQL not equal or less than. This only happens in STO.

I have been a paying member for quite some time. I had all the bonuses. Now, I don't get the bonuses for promotion events and I can't subscribe monthly. All I can find is the $299.99 Lifetime Membership. How can I get those bonuses that I had before I had all these pesky medical issues?


  • coldnapalmcoldnapalm Member Posts: 6,903 Arc User
    1) vague thread title is not allowed.

    2) there is no more monthly sub. There is the LTS (if you want it, wait for a sale) OR you can get the elite starter pack for 1500 zen...or around 15 bucks which gives you most of the stuff you got for subbing...only without subbing. It's a great deal.
  • gaevsmangaevsman Member Posts: 1,653 Arc User
    IRQ Equal or Less is windows telling you there is a sofware/hardware problem on your pc, usually bad drivers, if only happens with STO, means is calling some functionallity thas had some error, ill clean drivers and install again new drivers
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  • metalbunnymetalbunny Member Posts: 37 Arc User
    The IRQ Equal or Less BSOD comes from a combination of running on an old engine, on DX9, with certain GPUs that are designed for DX11. According to Nvidia support, it's a bug in DX9 that allows programs to put the graphics system into an invalid state. Programs have to be written to avoid the bug to be triggered, but these days most games either run on DX11 or have been updated to DX11 which doesn't have this issue, or run on engines that have been patched to not cause this to happen.

    You will only see this happen in other games if they run the GPU the same way, which requires the game to have a similar graphics style.

    Reinstalling the drivers ins't likely to fix this, unless you had something replace some of the driver files (like I had one old game replace the PhysX drivers with ver. 1.0 which caused all kinds of havoc).
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