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Recon Destroyer not available in Requistions, what's going on?

renata666renata666 Member Posts: 149 Arc User
So, I bought the cross faction pack, and one of my characters has it. But, now none of my other characters can get it from Ship requistions. What happened?


  • ukzeonukzeon Member Posts: 1 Arc User
    I can't even get it to show up in the shipyard for all three of my characters... weird!
  • majorhalcyonmajorhalcyon Member Posts: 199 Arc User
    This is why we really need a Dev Tracker back! They were pulled from the Ship Vendor because of some bug:
    Due to a technical glitch, we've had to temporarily remove the ability to purchase the new Recon Destroyer Bundle ships and their fleet versions from the ship store. The non-fleet versions are still available in the C-store, and we will restore the ship store soon.

    My bet is that if you bought them through the Shipyard, it gave the normal with 11 consoles, and the Fleet version with 12...
  • renata666renata666 Member Posts: 149 Arc User
    They were also UNclaimable until yesterday in the C-Store. As of yesterday, you can claim the NON-Fleet version in the C-Store if you buy it. But, the Fleet version was still unavailable as of yesterday. I haven't logged in yet today. So, if it's now there, I'll come back and post about it here.
  • renata666renata666 Member Posts: 149 Arc User
    So, Fleet version is still not available. JUST an FYI.
  • jcox2jcox2 Member Posts: 60 Arc User
    I reported a while ago that if you claim that ship under a Jem character, it will show as available under all non-Jem allied characters but give you an error trying to claim it. They replied they know about the issue but not how to fix it and just want to mark the ticket as solved.
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