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Doff Assignment Suggestion

trennantrennan Member Posts: 2,137 Arc User
This may have been suggested before. But, for the Doff assignments, how about we add a favorites?

This could be quite easy to do. Put a star or something in all the doff assignments. This is the on and off switch for favorite. Click it to turn it on, Click it again to turn it off.

Then just have the doff assignment sort to have favorites listed first. This would be a Quality of Life improvement for all players. Because now the players will not have to sort through all the doff assignments to find, or just look for their favorite assignments. Just click, and there they are at the top of the list.

The same could be done for Research and Development assignments.

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  • seaofsorrowsseaofsorrows Member Posts: 7,086 Arc User
    It's been requested many times and is a great idea, it just hasn't happened.

    What would be really helpful would be if favorites were blocked from showing as available for Duty Officer assignments so that you can keep officers used in different load outs on reserve so they're available when changing load out. Then I could favorite my Technicians and my Damage Control Engineers so that they would be there if I wanted to switch from an Aux2Bat ship to a Drake style build.

    It's a great idea, hope it happens one day.

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  • trennantrennan Member Posts: 2,137 Arc User
    I purposefully didn't apply this to the doff's themselves. Just the assignments.

    Though applying the same star, or icon to the doffs would be the same. Favorite the ones you want to use for doffing and the the non-favorite could remain in reserve.

    This way all the system needs to sort by is the Star, or icon, on and off mode. You'd still need to take the time to manually set it though.

    Though for the doff's might need to. An icon for doffing, and one for R&D.

    Which made me think of another idea. A separate roster just for R&D doffs. This way, I have a spot for my R&D doffs, that I don't use for anything else. This would be mainly for the Doffs that have an R&D specialization. Technicians, Fabrication Engineers, and such would still be shared between the Doff assignments and R&D.
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