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Delta Rising - All that Glitters - bug

Same as with Reunion, the turbolifts mess with the quest tracker.
During the step - Go to Conference Room - you can't see the tracker until after you use the turbolift, at which
point you are 2 steps from the big green circle. If you check Reunion and All that Glitters on youtube you notice that it used
to mark quest objectives through the turbolifts on the talaxian station. Not like they are real turbolifts anyway, no loadscreen,
same map, it's just for show. Also Neelix is a terrible host, why do i have to lead him to the conference room on HIS station? :P


  • kostoneldkostoneld Member Posts: 22 Arc User
    I was lost here also and couldn’t find my way out. Had to ask fleet and around. Pretty confusing
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