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Melting Pot mission is missing

inckursioninckursion Member Posts: 10 Arc User
The mission Melting Pot is currently absent from the mission list. It should appear after Beyond The Nexus and before Scylla And Charybdis, but it is simply gone.

I've seen some people post about this on Reddit so I thought I'd add it here for visibility. At the very least this is affecting 25th Century and 23rd Century Fed characters.



  • anyajenkinsanyajenkins Member Posts: 56 Arc User
    you can still have the mission to Admiral Quinn... but only one time !
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  • canis36canis36 Member Posts: 740 Arc User
    Not sure if it will be of use, but I was able to accept the mission from Admiral Quinn as a Level 27 Starfleet Captain.
  • wcmysteryawcmysterya Member Posts: 1 Arc User
    Since the update I am missing Beyond the Nexus, Melting Pot and The Renegades Regret. It goes from Brushfire directly to Scylia and Charybdis and nothing after that.
  • starangel1980starangel1980 Member Posts: 21 Arc User
    Melting Pot and Renegrade's Regret are missing for my Fed'Hadar, Beyond the Nexus is there but it is filed under the last mission of the Klingon War episodes in the mission journal, right after Temporal Ambassador.
  • fandango#7132 fandango Member Posts: 1 Arc User
    This mission is missing from my 23rd century character's mission list as well. I can get it from Quinn directly, though.
  • rndflactuationrndflactuation Member Posts: 708 Arc User
    edited June 2018
    It's on available/given by Quinn - but only for the 1st time.
    However there will be a fix soon for it - they have found the issue (so it will be able to be played/replayed or skipped allowing continuing to the next quest that way, as I understood)

    I already did it on my Jemm on the same day it appeared on available, thinking it could solve my own specific issue I had with a Jemm'Hadar (not related and not solved for me beside newly showing a non grayed out new frontiers tab - will have to complete mission six on Jemm's line 1st but that's beside the point. As for some others, doing the quest solved their specific New Frontier's line issue though, but my issue differed)

    BUT maybe it's worths it to wait (I didn't understand if the quest itself changed or not though)
  • cromshadowcromshadow Member Posts: 1 New User
    OK thank you so much for this info guys, i was going crazy thinking why pull this quest from the chain and went through all my chars which hadn't completed it and saw it was only available through admiral Quinn but only for 1 play through.
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