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Dropped Mission - Gamma Quadrant

captainkoltarcaptainkoltar Member Posts: 565 Arc User
Hey folks.

Every time I do a map transfer, I'm hearing the 'achivement' sound several times, and getting the message 'Dropped Mission - Gamma Quadrant' flash on my monitor. Anyone else getting this?




  • tomquinn123tomquinn123 Member Posts: 9 Arc User
    Yep, I'm getting that too.
  • tazurensavulentazurensavulen Member Posts: 1,071 Arc User
    Same here. It is annoying as sin.
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  • trekpuppytrekpuppy Member Posts: 403 Arc User
    Neither is the "Gamma Quadrant" accolade rewarded on non Jem'Hadars. And my TOSling didn't get the FE box.
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  • geekguy79geekguy79 Member Posts: 209 Arc User
    Getting same. Very annoying.
  • alexanderb#7559 alexanderb Member Posts: 99 Arc User
    Same thing happening here
  • borgslayer79borgslayer79 Member Posts: 6 Arc User
    Yes same here. Thought maybe replaying "Tenebris" or finishing the new "Home" mission would do the trick. Alas, not such luck.
  • inckursioninckursion Member Posts: 10 Arc User
    Yep, this is happening to me too. It's very annoying.
  • borgus1122borgus1122 Member Posts: 217 Arc User
    I have finished all gamma quadrant missions with my Jem'hadar character (including mission HOME), and after finishing this, I don't get dropped Gamma quadrant title or whatever. Different thing is with FED character - everywhere I warp, or whatever, I get that annoying sounds and dropped announcement, even if I finished all gamma quadrant missions.
  • lordsteve1lordsteve1 Member Posts: 3,465 Arc User
    Getting the same problem here.
  • ajm1067ajm1067 Member Posts: 151 Arc User
    Getting this on my main Fed in its entirety, but on other toons, just the sounds, and not on all map changes. Vast majority, though.
  • captainkoltarcaptainkoltar Member Posts: 565 Arc User
    Seems logical that it's related to this in the patch notes. I'd guess that each arc has a hidden wrapper mission, and completing that mission handles the accolade (and in the case of Jem'Hadar, unlocking of 'earlier' content). Obviously something about that has gone screwy though:
    Added an accolade for completion of the Gamma Quadrant story arc.
    Jem'Hadar additionally receive a notification that upon completion of "Tenebris Torquent" they unlock the ability to play simulations of their allied faction's missions.

  • hippiejonhippiejon Member Posts: 1,569 Arc User
    This is so annoying.
    What the actual &*g$ ?
    Something this obvious should have been caught in testing.
  • rimmarierimmarie Member Posts: 391 Arc User
    edited June 2018
    I'm getting this too. Very annoying.
    As described above, every time my character changes zone, I hear the mission compete sound and get the message 'Dropped Mission Gamma Quadrant'

    From what I can tell, it only seems to affect my FED main who has finished the mission 'Storm Clouds Gather'

    My Jem'Hadar character seems to be ok

    My other characters (all FEDs) are unaffected. None them except the Jem'hadar have started the Gamma Quadrant Arc
    hippiejon wrote: »
    Something this obvious should have been caught in testing.
    I agree, but if it doesn't happen on Jem'Hadar characters, it might have slip through (they may be testing with Jem'Hadar characters)

    I'll have one of my other characters start the Gamma arc and see if it happens to them.

    update: tested my 23rd century character
    finished the first mission in the Gamma arc and no problems afterwards. I'll just progress her through the whole arc and see if I can recreate it

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  • thlaylierahthlaylierah Member Posts: 2,895 Arc User
    edited June 2018
    I have the same problem with the accolade sounds and the "dropped gamma quadrant."

    Also on Fed main with Jem'hadar Toon not effected.
  • tasshenatasshena Member Posts: 357 Arc User
    I've had that problem on a couple alts, after finishing Home on my JH, as well.​​
  • avoozuulavoozuul Member Posts: 2,207 Arc User
    I can confirm that it is happening on my main toon.
  • jordan3550jordan3550 Member Posts: 325 Arc User
    yeah same thing happening on my my main fed toon
  • strangelemstrangelem Member Posts: 85 Arc User
    Same problem here with my main character (KDF)
  • avoozuulavoozuul Member Posts: 2,207 Arc User
    This is really starting to annoy me, it happens even when I change locations.
  • sthe91sthe91 Member Posts: 700 Arc User
    Same issue on my main Fed. It is a weird issue alright.
    Where there is a Will, there is a Way.
  • deceon55deceon55 Member Posts: 131 Arc User
    Same here driving me crazy lol.
  • joshuamccurryjoshuamccurry Member Posts: 2 Arc User
    Getting it, too, plus I can't use Lead Foot trait in sector space, after doing the episode "Home"!
  • r0m#7631 r0m Member Posts: 134 Arc User
    Will add my Fed Saurian to the list. Not gamebreaking, but somewhat annoying.

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