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Jem'Hadar Engineer Orbital Strike and Seeker & Support Drone

I hate to nit pick, but why is my Klingon Aligned Jem'Hadar when using Orbital Strike using Plasma (visuals and damage type) for his captain ground power?

Same goes for Seeker or Support Drone seem to be using faction selection for disruptor (though one does use polaron I think, I can't remember which right now, but Doff affected ones seem to use main Faction beam type)

Turret though seems to be Polaron, but not sure if Doff power additional beam in ones will, and afraid to acquire other ones.

I'm not even sure about my BOFF's turrets or drones. I should probably look into that.

But I would like my powers to be Dominion/Polaron Energy Weapon type for Captain Fabrications.
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