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"Doomed to Repeat" mission: Boffs become stuck in doorways

majorhalcyonmajorhalcyon Member Posts: 199 Arc User
Upon first playthrough of this mission on my JH (non-Vanguard) character, my Boffs became stuck on the last door before fighting the Fek'ihri with Kira. This, in turn, made it so the next phase of enemies was attacking my Boffs, preventing me from interacting with dialogs, and also preventing the hooks for the final cutscene to play correctly. Upon replay of this episode, the same issue with doors occured, though it was at the door to the stasis chambers, so it did not interfere with any dialogs; this cleared upon being defeated when the final Fek'ihri boss spawned in, and they respawned with me at my position. Curiously, they had no issue following me out of the station to the turbolift to end the mission, just into the second level.

Having not seen the final cutscene before the end, I was confused upon the final contact with Dukan, where he referenced the Hur'q trying to speak...thankfully, it played correctly upon the second play, but this seems to be an issue that should be looked at, for at least JH characters
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