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Thrusters on male superior floaters do not rotate

frtoasterfrtoaster Member Posts: 3,194 Arc User
Holodeck ticket 4,724,280 (submitted on 06/24/2018)

The thrusters on male superior floaters do not rotate. The angles of the thrusters never change.


On females, the side-thrusters point downward at an angle when the character is not moving. On males, the side-thrusters point straight out to the sides. Furthermore, the male wing-thrusters pitch downward at a steeper angle than the female wing-thrusters.


On females, the thrusters rotate as the character flies. On males, neither the side-thrusters nor the wing-thrusters rotate.


Steps to reproduce

1. Log on to a male character.
2. Go to Risa. Equip a superior floater and activate it.
3. While your character is hovering stationary in the air, take screenshots of the floater from the back and left.
4. Fly straight up and take screenshots of the floater from the back. Fly left and right, and take screenshots of the floater from the back.
5. Take screenshots of the floater from the left as you fly forward and backward.
6. Log on to a female character. Repeat steps 2 through 5.
7. Compare the screenshots you took on the male character with the ones you took on the female character.

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