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Federation Romluans Needing to do Klingon War Arc to Progress to Other Story Arcs?

entnx01entnx01 Member Posts: 534 Arc User
I'm listing this as a bug because it's either a bug in mission availability or a bug with the UI.

I had a fleet member ask why nothing in the Vengeance story arc was available for his Federation-aligned Romulan. He'd done everything that was available prior to that arc.

I looked at the story arcs my Federation Romulan had. I asked if he'd done a certain arc or episode, the answer was always yes.

Then he asked why he had "Stranded in Space" as a mission from Admiral Quinn. I checked my "Available" tab in the Mission Journal and I had it, too.

I only went so far as accepting it. I got the standard UI help pop-ups that early Federation characters would see going through that episode at least the first time.

I don't know which is the bug:

a) Romulans having access to the Klingon War arc, which means anything dealing with the Klingon War arc needs to be removed from Romulans so they can proceed with their other story arcs, or

b) Romulans not having the "Klingon War" arc visible in the list of story arcs, which would allow Romulans to either play through it or Skip until they can get to the episode(s) they want to play.

Thank you for your time.


  • lemonez13lemonez13 Member Posts: 7 Arc User
    I sent a ticket asking about this a couple days ago in-game. Sadly it seems the ticket has gone missing to the abyss and I can't see it on my ticket list anymore. So no idea if they ever actually received it.

    I wasn't sure if Romulan's were supposed to even have this quest. Since I did remember it being a starter quest for normal Feds. But it was in my side quest section so I attempted to do it. You cannot interact with the S.S. Azura at all despite getting the dialogue popup beforehand. So definitely broken all the way around.
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