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Woadroh "Woadie" Bhoith

trennantrennan Member Posts: 2,135 Arc User
As many of us know, and some may not. With the upcoming expansion and revamp of DS9, Woadroh "Woadie" Bhoith is leaving us to move on with his life.

So in honor of his many years with us. Let's all take the time to say....

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  • reyan01reyan01 Member Posts: 12,296 Arc User
    Hopefully he'll show up somewhere else. Perhaps Club 47 could use a new bartender? ;)

  • ichaerus1ichaerus1 Member Posts: 742 Arc User
    So long, Woadroh. Many years with you as a constant presence in the bar. No longer will I be able to greet you with "Greetings, tall, bark, and gangly."

    "Bel'la dos, Woadroh...Bel'la dos."
  • thevampinatorthevampinator Member Posts: 404 Arc User
    edited June 2018
    *Woadie Bows then makes his exit* Well he is an interesting charater for a npc. Maybe there will be a mission they can do and give him his background and everything. Well Quark is coming in to Replace him in three or four hours.
  • ichaerus1ichaerus1 Member Posts: 742 Arc User
    As long as the arrangements made a number of years ago are still honored...If not, my characters will see if Quark is open to negotiations for certain...allowances.

    After all, since Quark's is the Ferengi embassy, latinum talks, targ**** walks. :grin:
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