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Why doesn't donating Fleet Provisions reward Fleet Credits?

captainhunter1captainhunter1 Member Posts: 1,394 Arc User
I'm not talking about the Colony World provisions, but the regular Fleet Holdings provisions (Spire, K-13, Embassy, etc.)

Why doesn't donation of these reward Fleet Credits?

I understand you can buy them easily from the Replicator (with Fleet Credits), but there are some which can be 'earned' - like the Dilithium Mine and K-13 Provisions as well as those from Lockboxes.

Donating these resources should reward Fleet Credits regardless if purchased or earned. And yes, it seems silly that something bought with Fleet Credits would reward Fleet Credits. But that is how Fleet bought Duty Officers that are donated to projects work.

It's really frustrating to accumulate these resources by spending time doing the missions in-game only to have them essentially worthless to turn in. :disappointed:


  • ixionveridianixionveridian Member Posts: 1,320 Arc User
    You answered your own question... it costs fleet credits (in most cases) to acquire those holding provisions. They’re not going to reward fleet credits for your donation when it costs fleet credits to buy them.

    Now, what they could do is something similar to what is done with duty officers that you donate. You can buy them from your starbase (Commons go for 750 fleet credits a piece... Eng, Tac, and Sci, and you get 300 back per doff you donate that way). However, there are other ways to get common level doffs for free. Provisions are a different matter, however.
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