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Borg Red Alert in Delta quadrant, puts you back at Sol at the end.

renata666renata666 Member Posts: 180 Arc User
What's up with that? When I finish a Borg Red Alert in Delta quadrant, after I finish, I'm sitting in Beta Quadrant, at the Sol system. So, now I have to travel back to the gate and go back to Delta quadrant??? That's whacked.


  • tigerariestigeraries Member Posts: 3,052 Arc User
    take a close look to where the Borg fight takes place at... Argelius Sector in the BETA Quad. You get a Red Alert and you rushed all the way there... afterwards you go back to ESD to restock. See it all makes sense.
  • jeff92k7#4958 jeff92k7 Member Posts: 24 Arc User
    Instead of clicking the "exit to sector" option in the BOFF popup, close that and select the smaller "leave map" button that is usually behind the BOFF popup. That smaller button will put you back where you were. The BOFF popup always takes you back to the sector map outside ESD (even if you're a romulan or Klingon).
  • salvation4salvation4 Member Posts: 1,120 Arc User
    Never use the BoFF clicky even if she is cute..She'll always take you back to ESD..JK.. :D

    But never use the BoFF popup..
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