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helixfungushelixfungus Member Posts: 172 Arc User
I used to make Tour of the Galaxy from time to time. Not more possible: you give a system as direction and the ship begins to travel erratically in sector space. Bad. Baad. Very bad.


  • trygvar13trygvar13 Member Posts: 671 Arc User
    I actually never had problems with auto-travel until last week. Especially in the Alpha Quadrant. There are days when it is working fine and others where all it does is take you to the edge of the zone... and sometimes not even in the right general direction.
    Dahar Master Qor'aS
  • greuceangreucean Member Posts: 111 Arc User
    it seems to have gotten worse lately but this problem started with the sector revamp
  • frtoasterfrtoaster Member Posts: 3,254 Arc User
    I've seen several people bring up this bug recently. It's not specific to the KDF or Feds. My testing leads me to believe that it depends on the vertical angle of your destination relative to your ship. See my comments in the threads below.

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    Auto Travel sometimes fails, since Season 13
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  • swamarianswamarian Member Posts: 1,367 Arc User
    Yeah, it looks like it starts, and the ship can't figure out which way to turn, so it keeps going straight ahead, at half speed, like when it's navigating when auto travel works.
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