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Radiant Hypercharge puts all other Energy Weapon Enhancement Buffs on GCD

spencerb96spencerb96 Member Posts: 232 Media Corps
Item/ Set:

Advanced Radiant AP DHC w/3pc Advanced Radiant Hypercharge set ability.


While the Hypercharge active ability is toggled, the Advanced Radiant DHC will refuse to fire with CRF or CSV. It will persist to refuse firing until CRF / CSV have ended, which can be an issue for CRF users that have the "Go for the Kill" trait.

Once it has activated, it puts ALL energy weapon enhancement abilities on GCD.

Here's a gif of me using the Hypercharge with the DHC and it putting CRF, CSV, FAW, and BO on a 15s GCD.


With the Hypercharge completely locking the Advanced Radiant energy weapons from firing while weapon enhancement buffs are up, and then putting all those buffs on GCD when it does eventually fire, this issue severely impacts the usefulness of this set. A lockout on major buffs like that can easily make this 3pc active ability an overall loss to performance.
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  • megacharge07megacharge07 Member Posts: 442 Arc User
    edited March 2018
    Hopefully this gets fixed soon. I have a build I want to test this with but it's not very useful to me in this state.
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