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Define fleets controls (admin responsibilities)

Now it is to generic, to open, to vague, A complete overhaul on ranks and responsibilities, example, a treasury, recruiting, more fleet tabs in bank, allow owner, to set the rules per each admin rank, allow owner to set the guidelines, who he wants where. I know just in our armada every fleet admiral has several suggestions, I would like to propose a panel (on a set date) where everyone is allowed to voice what they would like to see in a fleet and arc revamp the fleet to meet current needs, How large fleets in the past have worked with the current set-up is beyond me.


  • where2r1where2r1 Member Posts: 5,923 Arc User
    I think most of them have websites outside the game.
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  • arionisaarionisa Member Posts: 1,403 Arc User
    Every large fleet I am in, or have been in has their own website and their own designation of responsibilities. The Fleet rank structure in STO works just fine. There is no need for the Devs to waste spend time fixing something that ain't broke.
    Even without an external Fleet website it's quite simple. Reserve Fleet admin abilities to the few highest Fleet ranks and don't promote anyone to those ranks until after you have clearly outlined what is expected of them, to include what Fleet functions they are not to mess with.
    Even without a website, it is extremely easy to use email/messaging for Fleet Officers to discuss things outside the game.
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