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Fleet Starbase Issues - being bounced to sector space just cause you leave the game and return.

tomilaktomilak Member Posts: 287 Arc User
When i go back to the fleet starbase and beam down, i am ok so long as i dont leave.
if i leave and come back i end up back in sector space.
but if i go to esd and most other places i am still on esd when i return.
whats the chance we can fix this so if were on fsb it doesnt bounce us back to sector space and instead just leave us on fsb so we dont have to keep reentering the starbase every time we return to the game?

please advise.


  • awesomeweaselawesomeweasel Member Posts: 150 Arc User
    thats the same issue with every fleet holdings like the colony and i agree that if you log out of you toon or change to a different toon you should be where you ending at with the toon not in sector space.
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