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Xbox One lack of information on members

I don't know if it is just me, however it is wind me up the fact there's no information as to when people were last online in the fleet roster.

The fleet log only shows basic info like for example Disruptor Dual Beam Bank. However it would be useful if you could see the mark and rarety.


  • awesomeweaselawesomeweasel Member Posts: 150 Arc User
    i wish the fleet had allot more info one the members in the roster like last time they played, total hours played, the total of of all holding donations, how much they have donated in each holding and how much of each item they donated to each holding (or even if they donated) as in most cases donations (fleet credits earned) is what people judge promotions on and it take a fair bit of time to go through each holding looking at who earned how many fleet credits. just to name a few things i would like to see added.
  • terran#1170 terran Member Posts: 5 Arc User
    I would like to see this information before I join a fleet when I look for a fleet I want to know how many are in it is it a new fleet or older fleet.
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