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Colony Coffer/ is it bugged?

ryanjuly1974ryanjuly1974 Member Posts: 27 Arc User
edited October 2017 in Fleet System and Holdings
Question about the new fleet Colony holding. when you donate to the Coffers you get paid fleet credits but i noticed that contributions are not added to the Leaderboard or in the Roster, Overall Holding Contribution.this is troublesome for fleets that do promotions based on contributions. Question was: is this normal or is this a bug that needs fixing?


  • rndflactuationrndflactuation Member Posts: 684 Arc User
    edited November 2018
    Please delete, I appologise for not noticing the date while looking in this board
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  • where2r1where2r1 Member Posts: 5,866 Arc User
    @rndflactuation You know this is from 2017.

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  • rndflactuationrndflactuation Member Posts: 684 Arc User
    Yes I forgot to look at dates while looking on this board. Will edit, sorry!
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