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Running STO on Vista after October

In about a month the MS certificates for XP and Vista will expire, I already know of a few games that have said they are dropping support as a result, which means XP and Vista users will not even be able to log into these games.

Does this mean that STO will also no longer support us Vista users after October.


  • jaguarskxjaguarskx Member Posts: 5,943 Arc User
    I don't know. However, if MS Vista certificates expires next month, then I recommend you upgrade your OS. Invalid certificates basically means whatever data your PC is transmitting over the internet will be insecure and un-encoded. That means information is transmitted in "plain text" so hackers can easily pick out any usernames, passwords, banking / credit card information, etc. You leave yourself open to identity theft which can lead to significant / severe financial consequences.
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