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Can't find the wrecked shuttle in the Mountain Pass

renata666renata666 Member Posts: 149 Arc User
Does anyone know where in the mountain pass that damn shuttle wreck is? I need to go find that stupid message and I have no clue where the wreck is on New Romulus, other than the pass.


  • seriousdaveseriousdave Member Posts: 2,653 Arc User
    I guess you're stuck on the mission "Secret Shuttle Codes"?
    To complete that you also have to accept the mission "Mountain Base" you get at the farthest nothern camp in vastam peaks and then enter the instance nearby. Be sure to complete the objectives of "Secret Shuttle Codes" at the level's end before you leave or you have to do it all over again.
    Same goes for all the following rom rep missions, it's very annoying.
  • ltminnsltminns Member Posts: 8,936 Arc User
    The Shuttle is at the end of your walk up the mountain. You will need to check Consoles and free prisoners all the way up and at the end as well.
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  • jaguarskxjaguarskx Member Posts: 5,942 Arc User
    edited September 2017
    Here's a video from 2013...

  • renata666renata666 Member Posts: 149 Arc User
    Aarrgh!! I already did that Mountain Base mission!! Dammit. Well, time for a repeat. Thanks for the info, everyone.
  • postagepaidpostagepaid Member Posts: 2,278 Arc User
    Make sure to do the report findings thing before leaving as it doesnt always work outside the instance.
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